German as a Foreign Language

Good knowledge of German is the indispensable prerequisite for studies at a German University. For more than 30 years we run courses in German as a Foreign Language for foreign university applicants. Our experience and competence are the basis for your success. Our licence as test centre for the TestDaf examination is proof of a high degree of professional and teaching competence and guarantees a practice- and goal-oriented instruction.

How are the courses structured?

The language course is planned for a duration of 12 months and organized into the levels

  • Elementary 1 (Grundstufe 1)
  • Elementary 2 (Grundstufe 2)
  • Intermediate (Mittelstufe)
  • Advanced (Oberstufe)

When do courses start?

Each course level starts at the beginning of a quarter, comprises 250 lessons and normally lasts 3 months. Each level ends with an examination. Passing the exam entitles you to continue the course on the next level. The results of these intermediate examinations are given after 2-3 days. The next level starts in the following week to save your time and minimize your costs. If you have sufficient previous skills, you can also start on a higher level, of course. To establish the appropriate level for you, we will carry out an entrance examination.

What is the TestDaf examination?

You can take part in the TestDaf examination, if you are participant of the Advanced level. Here you get specific training for the examination. In the TestDaf examination the skills in

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Writing Skills
  • Oral Skills

are tested to get a differentiated performance profile. As a rule, you have to achieve 4 of 5 possible points (= TDN 4) in all parts for an admission to a university. As admission requirements of some universities differ from the rule, however, please inquire in time for the admission requirements at the university of your choice. Naturally, we will assist you in your inquiry.

What costs are to be calculated with?

Each course level costs EUR 930.00. The amount has to be paid before the start of lessons; in that case your place in our courses is guaranteed. For accommodation and cost of living, about EUR 600.00 per month should be calculated. We are happy to offer help in your search for an apartment.

How can I enrol?

If you have decided for one of the training locations Paderborn or Dresden, please fill in  the enrolment form and send it to the relevant address. At the same time please transfer the enrolment fee of EUR 50.00. You will then promptly receive your admission to the language course and we reserve your place in our courses. (See also  Do I need a visa?)

Do I need a visa?

Participants coming from non-EU-countries frequently need a visa for the participation in a language course. Please check in time, whether you need an entry visa. We are happy to advise you. You can obtain further information at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your native country. In some cases you need a proof of payment of course fees in addition to the admission for a language course. You can also find that out at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your native country. After we have received your payment, you will immediately receive the admission to the language course and the receipt for the paid fees.

What happens with my course fees, if I do not get a visa?

Your course fees will, of course, be returned, if you can prove that you did not obtain a visa. In this case, please send us the rejection notification of the German Embassy or Consulate and we will return the course fees.

What do I have to do after my arrival in Germany?

Contact us immediately. If you need help in transfer from the airport or train station to your accommodation in Paderborn, notify us in time, before your departure, of your time of arrival. After your arrival in Paderborn you have to register with the Residents' Registration Office and the Office for Foreigners. For registration with the Residents' Registration Office you need the apartment lease and your passport, which you also need for registration with the Office for Foreigners. Both authorities are in Paderborn in the City Administration, so there are no far ways to go. In Dresden, these authorities are in the so-called 'Ortsämter' (local offices) in the town districts. As a rule, you have to open a bank account as well. Our staff can assist you in all these formalities. As members of our staff speak English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, French or Polish they are happy to help in case of communication difficulties. Furthermore, you normally need a health insurance. For persons entering with a visa the proof for a valid health insurance is obligatory for a prolongation of the visa. We can offer an inexpensive insurance covering all basic services.